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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some writing

Rachael Bohannon 4-21-2018 evening after a day of various interesting boat repair jobbies.  Just wrote to write, used a few shower song phrases for seeds.  Sharing to share, because it is timely:

Writing writing writing, a beginning again. Finding and finding but not knowing what. An elseways maneuverer to out maneuverer the best. A sweet serenade. Period. Second best, or is it minutes are better? Good better best never stopped to rest until the good was better and the better best.

Sweet hold up
where is your mind?
A frequency of disaster,
yes it’s always changing
all the time.

And sweet hold up
what are you thinking?
Is that okay there
is that tea you are drinking?

A follow on home and
a stay right here
A beginning anew
it’s finally another new year
The warmth returning
the sun staying longer
and higher in the sky

The wind becomes welcome
not cold and bitter
though loud still
screeching like witches
through the rigging and masts

Hold up now, it’s time to
return to what you have
always known. It’s not a place
But an inside space you
can call home.
You, that’s me, can take it with
you any where you go.

Let this place inside, this space
this idea of calm and purity
give foundation and from
that strength to resist
and push upward like a new
plant or an old tree
climbing higher to the source
the sun, the beginning.

Energy, cultivation of intelligence.

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