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Artist, BFA Craft/Material Studies 2012, currently sewing, working in my sketchbooks, painting with hard gouache/opaque watercolor, digitizing my illustrations to make ready for sale on threadless and learning to sail.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some writing

Rachael Bohannon 4-21-2018 evening after a day of various interesting boat repair jobbies.  Just wrote to write, used a few shower song phrases for seeds.  Sharing to share, because it is timely:

Writing writing writing, a beginning again. Finding and finding but not knowing what. An elseways maneuverer to out maneuverer the best. A sweet serenade. Period. Second best, or is it minutes are better? Good better best never stopped to rest until the good was better and the better best.

Sweet hold up
where is your mind?
A frequency of disaster,
yes it’s always changing
all the time.

And sweet hold up
what are you thinking?
Is that okay there
is that tea you are drinking?

A follow on home and
a stay right here
A beginning anew
it’s finally another new year
The warmth returning
the sun staying longer
and higher in the sky

The wind becomes welcome
not cold and bitter
though loud still
screeching like witches
through the rigging and masts

Hold up now, it’s time to
return to what you have
always known. It’s not a place
But an inside space you
can call home.
You, that’s me, can take it with
you any where you go.

Let this place inside, this space
this idea of calm and purity
give foundation and from
that strength to resist
and push upward like a new
plant or an old tree
climbing higher to the source
the sun, the beginning.

Energy, cultivation of intelligence.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Things I've been up to

Another chilly and very gusty day here at Selby Bay Sailing Center (selbybay.com).  The Chesapeake Bay is still a mere 50.2*F (Thomas Point Lighthouse), which is unfortunately lethal (wear your lifejackets!), so sailing has a certain extra risk so far this year.  Looking forward to 60*F+ h20 and more sunny days soon.

Meanwhile I have been busy in my studio working with my scanner, printer, and digital processing (using open source software on Linux, such as Gimp, LibreOffice, Inkscape, and "gScan2pdf").  I have learned much more than I have to show for it, lots of nuances I have avoided learning by working with my hands instead.  So now I am learning a lot all at once!  I have printed a bunch of stickers of work out of my drawing/painting/journal books and also a few successful reproduction prints of work out of the same books.  These will be for sale as I figure out how to present them.

Things I have done this week include fixing a few things on my 2001 Saab 9-3 hatchback, recaulking the starboard side main salon portlights on my 1966 Bristol 27 (talk about learning curve), finished the two remaining foot cushions for my main salon settees (aft galley, the settee berths go under the counter so I made the cushions in two parts to be able to get to the storage under the settees), re-rigged my mainsheet, fixed my reeflines that I put in on Easter (first 2 boat rides of the season!) but didn't finish correctly that first time (learning curve again), tried to figure out a better way to store my anchors (back to the lazarette for the one with chain and the bow chain locker for my back up, though cushioning the hull better this time), researched Debian Linux OS but decided I should just keep Ubuntu even for all its many updates (at least it's not Windows 10), rearranged my studio including being able to actually see my bookshelf with my nature altar on top and totally organizing my papers (lots of kinds sizes and blank vs art vs legal/financial), drank lots of coffee, and did a number of pen drawings on good paper so as to be actual finished works rather than doodles in a sketchbook which are hard to scan.

I was also able to continue work on www.birdbohannon.com to make it my homepage on the world wide web.   There you can find my shop that I am constantly working on to figure out how to get you people to buy my merchandise, and also lots of links to other places I have media on the Internet, like recordings of some songs I wrote and links to my blogs.  BirdBohannon.com is inspired by the classic homepages of various math and science professors from various universities that I did not go to but ran across during Google searches for various facts I am interested in.  So my new homepage is intended to grow as an outlet of my ambitions - and I want to share what I have learned and the way that I express myself through art and my reasonably alternative lifestyle (whatever that means).

This year, I will sail on my little Kiji trading vessel, hawking my art to whatever gift shops might be interested so I can make more money, and perhaps more importantly, make room for making more art.  Seriously!  I have lots of art to sell so I am brainstorming how to do so.  One idea is to set up a postal art subscription of $5+/month just like a magazine, but with a serialized book of prints and drawings.  I am constantly producing art and I really want to share it!

As a matter of fact, I am also interested in painting murals and providing custom textile solutions for organizational needs (primarily using sunbrella and upholstery vinyl).  This is in addition to my production work (linoleum prints on paper/fabric/clothes/my hand made ultra durable ditty bags, my pen drawings and watercolors, digitizing my sketchbooks).  Please let me know if any of this interests you :) birdbohannon@gmail.com or visit www.birdbohannon.com and fill out the form on the main page.

And can't not have a picture, so!!! :

6"x8" 2018-04-16 Pen with meme machines

Friday, March 23, 2018

Feb 2018 Ink abstract doodles

I have really been enjoying my 8.5 x 11 sketchbook, just one of the classic black hardback books, bigger than the ones I was stitching myself.  The benefit of the ones I was making is that they lay flat and I can water-color them, but the larger pages in this book allow for bigger drawings, or even more smaller ones.  I find that a small pen size (.03) is just the best, I write too large with larger pens, so I can really fit a lot of content on the larger pages.  Thanks for the book, Mom!

Typography doodles Feb 2018

Top left is requisite self-portrait for the day

Lyric from one of my shower songs.

Meme Machines, journal pen & ink Feb 2018

"Meme machines" are my visualization for information, from thoughts spoken between people or digital information between satellites or telephones.

Paintings from a family visit to Massanutten October 2017

From one of the journals I hand made with Canson Multi-media paper, using my favorite "Pelikan" dish watercolors.

Typography Mantra Grimoire Book/Postcard Project

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Drawing Journals from 2017 Trip out West

Drawing Journals from 2017 Trip out West

Available for sale at birdbohannon.com


Round Two of Puppet Making (with some cool kids).  Round One Snapshots At Bottom.

The mitten monsters I made for Family Christmas Gifts - Long live "Ric-Rac"!

The Longest-Nosed Puppet in the make-shift theater

The Christmas Tree decorated in the Front Yard during breaks from the puppets.

A group shot in the Morning sun.  
One of my weirdest creatures is missing, he has a stuffed vinyl tongue.

A Cutie with simple sequin eye and a long nose that he can lick (the kids love that part).

A Thumb puppet with stapled on eyes (Expert stapling!) And a silly snake. 


Round One

Need a Photo Booth/More advanced Theater set-up!