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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My studio nature collection

Rubber cement bottle, extendo ruler, bird wings, a test sewing sample from work, an owl pellet, a dried up lizard, and a cross made from potato chip bags by one of my students when I was an art facilitator in the Richmond City Jail for a bit a few years ago.  Egg shells (total "mubbles").

Hammer to the left Dave gave me, he retooled the handle after it broke.  My favorite hammer is the one in the middle, it's solid brass (thanks Dad!)

This nature collection is bigger now, it even has a few pieces of legos that were given to me by some kids I love dearly.  Mini cairns! :)

Bottom 2 images from 11/2016, top 2 from this month

My desk in August at some point between multiple jobs.  The printing press Dave made me is hung on the wall to the right. 
What a mess!  This is the window with the smaller rock-oriented nature collection :)

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