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Artist, BFA Craft/Material Studies 2012, currently sewing, working in my sketchbooks, painting with hard gouache/opaque watercolor, digitizing my illustrations to make ready for sale on threadless and learning to sail.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My studio nature collection

Rubber cement bottle, extendo ruler, bird wings, a test sewing sample from work, an owl pellet, a dried up lizard, and a cross made from potato chip bags by one of my students when I was an art facilitator in the Richmond City Jail for a bit a few years ago.  Egg shells (total "mubbles").

Hammer to the left Dave gave me, he retooled the handle after it broke.  My favorite hammer is the one in the middle, it's solid brass (thanks Dad!)

This nature collection is bigger now, it even has a few pieces of legos that were given to me by some kids I love dearly.  Mini cairns! :)

Bottom 2 images from 11/2016, top 2 from this month

My desk in August at some point between multiple jobs.  The printing press Dave made me is hung on the wall to the right. 
What a mess!  This is the window with the smaller rock-oriented nature collection :)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Printed binding Book 1

Lino printed leather binding, Brownie box cardboard.  4x6" 34 Sheets
Made it quickly last night out of paper I had already cut when making the rainbow book from my last post.  The cover lays flat after some fidgeting that comes naturally from use.

I am officially making my own sketchbooks!  Do you want one too?  E-mail me! :D

(Rainbow) Idea Book

Weird Rainbow Book (with awesome words inside).  September 2017 
4x6" - 30 sheets (60 pages)

The cover is made from a Birthday card from my Auntie Vickie, the leather binding on all of my books is from an old leather chair.  This book the leather is suede pointed out.

Backside complete with gaffers tape, a water color drawing that continues on the other side, and a post-it note I sewed on (The yellow strip on top).

Dollar is taped in as a page, A biography of the most famous tarot card artist is sewn in, the broken stitches are from where I was jamming a little protractor under it just like the piece of folded up lined paper stored under the card in this image.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Business Cards

Today I made business cards!  I ordered the stamp online at RubberStamps.net and also purchased the "Staz-on" ink pad.  It is a waterproof ink that can go on plastic, glass, and even leather. 

Boat Bags

Two bags I made for my boat over the summer.

Sunbrella, vinyl binding on lid, luff tape (for roller furler genoas) around inner rim for rigidity.  Mesh screen in back and grommets in the bottom for drainage.  The idea was for a bag for my anchor line, to hang on my stern pulpit -- however!  The sewing machines I had at my disposal were not up to the bottom detail I had planned and the bag is much too big for the purpose. 

Poor sewing on the back panel, but as a prototype I learned a lot and will try again at some point with my NEW MACHINE!!  :D

Dacron sail cloth, new so it's very rigid.  Luff tape is used around the edge of the bag for rigidity (Same as not pictured in orange bag).  Mesh bottom (rigid Textiline) for drainage.  A very successful rope storage solution.

Recent books

Two drawing books I made recently.  The pages were simply folded and sewn directly onto leather.  The books open flat, are a nice size, and a good opportunity to recycle cardboard boxes.

Not pictured is the inside cover detail, a piece of quality construction paper is folded and glued over the gap between the cover cardstock and the first/last page in each book.

This is an excellent way to make books and I have made a few others this way this year, as well as a bunch for Christmas presents a few years ago (more complicated with velcro closures).  I used thick multi-media paper, but if you were to use thinner paper I would fold a stack of it into leaves rather than sewing an individual page.  The books still open much flatter this way than cheap composition notebooks.

I also made a 5x3" notebook the same way, it is an inch thick (poster paper)!  I am going to try to make an even thicker one last time since I go through them so quickly with my drawings and writing.