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Artist, BFA Craft/Material Studies 2012, currently sewing, working in my sketchbooks, painting with hard gouache/opaque watercolor, digitizing my illustrations to make ready for sale on threadless and learning to sail.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

May/June 2016 - Canson XL Multimedia sketch book

Early Mubbles, striped rocks and a sock


An Earth-centric mandala

Flying Scot Regatta in Pennsylvania

Schooners in Yorktown, VA  

I am continuing my efforts to scan old drawing books, I have about 10 for the past year...  Most of the cool drawings from this particular sketchbook have been removed and put in a portfolio for Mubble inspiration.


Snapshots at home

Deer babies in the front yard.  Dave took this picture 8/10/2017

Splices and grating at the dock with the hoists.

Perch in a bucket, we let them go though.

A cousin of the superior "Chartreuse Grub." Fish pics 8/17/17

Candid photo of the lines describing the masts on a bunch of Flying Scots.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bags and new prints :)

Hi again!

Mubble Spot prints are now on small and medium sized zipper bags.

Sunbrella fabric, Textiline mesh, marine upholstery vinyl and YKK zippers.  Sailcloth soon too.

I am currently designing standard sizes for ease of production to keep them affordably priced. :)

See some of what I have made so far, below.


"Live Lobster" (8"x10")
A follow up to "Lobster Run" - this time a design specifically for fabric.

Live Lobster as Small Zipper Bags (3"x4").  Made by folding the print in half so that the pattern continues onto back of bag!   So far these are my favorite, for little things to go into a drawer or a larger bag.

"Original Mubbles" Print on large prototype bag made from Sunbrella with rainbow striped webbing from an old classic orange lifejacket.

Comments on prototype:  Cool funky design and colors, but has no rigidity.  
I have done some research into what kind of liner might be nice, 
but right now I'm going to focus on smaller simpler bags.  

Another prototype, this bag definitely needs a webbing loop for hanging.  
The mesh is a fun practical idea I plan to use for more bags, but with vinyl 
bottoms which will make a water-resistant bottom with a breathable top.  
Good for boats, etc.

7.5"x7.5"x2.6"  Sunbrella and "Textiline" Mesh, no liner, easy clean and totally breathable. 

The original "Lobster Run" printed twice onto Sunbrella with a textiline mesh top and a webbing loop.

Back side.  7"x8" 

"Big Nose" wants to be on your t-shirt! Here we see the actual linoleum block to the left, and a prototype stuffed animal made from the muslin to the right with a twin print on it.

Flying Scot Sailboat Prints

Selby Bay Fleet 42 at Selby Bay Sailing Center, Carved 2016. 
Scot drawn by David Neff.

 Thomas Point Lighthouse in background.  An entirely derivative collection of fun imagery!
Carved 2017.  "Summer Solstice" has been replaced with waves and "2017" is to be removed for general use. 

Both prints are 6"x8".  Available as cards or framed prints, will be available on light bags made of white spinnaker material soon!