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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay!"

That's what George always says while he's hauling bushels of oysters from his workboat down the dock to his truck to take to market.  Today it was too windy for him to go out so I didn't see him, but I did take some pictures while I was washing a sailboat.  Day before yesterday the water was blown way out so there are a couple pictures below showing how much subaquatic ground is showing at high tide.

I think these are fox prints, and there is a leaf print too!

Heron prints!  Made by Mr. Harold the Heron himself.  Feet as big as a man's hand.

jellyfish!  Lots, most likely because the water has been hovering around 45*F which is very warm for this time of year. 

Wait, where'd the water go?

When the wind blew out the water the other day...

This is the same docks, picture taken today.  Note that the sailboats are floating now!

The water is very clear in the shallows this Winter.  Nice tree shadow.

Another view from the crow's nest porch, looking West, same tree as in the shadow above.


The sailboat I was washing.  Too pretty!  The contrails in the sky parallel the "tell-tale" attached to the shroud on the boat.  And a sun-bow too!  A warm but very windy day today. 

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