Recent books

Two drawing books I made recently.  The pages were simply folded and sewn directly onto leather.  The books open flat, are a nice size, and a good opportunity to recycle cardboard boxes.

Not pictured is the inside cover detail, a piece of quality construction paper is folded and glued over the gap between the cover cardstock and the first/last page in each book.

This is an excellent way to make books and I have made a few others this way this year, as well as a bunch for Christmas presents a few years ago (more complicated with velcro closures).  I used thick multi-media paper, but if you were to use thinner paper I would fold a stack of it into leaves rather than sewing an individual page.  The books still open much flatter this way than cheap composition notebooks.

I also made a 5x3" notebook the same way, it is an inch thick (poster paper)!  I am going to try to make an even thicker one last time since I go through them so quickly with my drawings and writing.